Monday, September 3, 2007


An introduction to the Austrian school at

Here is a quick list of some important resources on that I have found useful in the past.
  1. Quiz: a good way to see how familiar one is with the Austrian and other schools of thought. Just fyi, it is actually on the longer side.

    It is multiple choice with 4 possible answers, one from each of the following schools of thought: Austrian, Chicago, Neoclassical, Socialist. Once you complete and hit submit, all the answers are listed and identified. If nothing else you can treat the answer page as a FAQ about where each school stands on various issues. I found this very useful when I first started out because it helped my identify the important issues (the questions), and where each major school stands on those (the answers).

  2. Articles: form a great window into Austrian economics.

  3. Study Guide: (almost) exhaustive resource of anything and everything Austrian.

  4. FAQ: on the Mises Institute and Austrian economics.

  5. Mises Blog.

  6. Quotable Mises.

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